Toyota Shackle Capture Washer Kit

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Having problems with your swing shackle hardware coming loose?  Here is a simple solution to never have to worry about that problem again.


These capture washers are made to fit the M18 hardware used on aftermarket Toyota shackles with a 27mm hex head.  If your hardware has a different size hex and/or you’re using SAE hardware, feel free to email us and we can make you a set to work with your specific hardware.


The kit comes with 4 weld on capture washer and 4 bolt on style capture washers.  The weld on style have flat spots on the outer diameter to allow for 3 1/2" long welds to retain them on the nut side.  The bolt on style tabs are for the shackle bolt heads and will require either a through hole drilled in the shackle or drilling and tapping the shackle plate for a retaining bolt.  We prefer a through hole, since tapping 1/4-20 holes are one of the most disliked chores n the shop.  Once drilled the retainer bolt can be put through and a locking nut can be used for redundancy to keep the bolt in place, even if it were to come loose. All tabs are cut from HRPO 1018 steel and come with a machine tumbled finish.


Have a leaf sprung setup that doesn't use M18 hardware?  As stated before, feel free to email us and we will work with you to make a set to fit the hardware size that you're using.