Tacoma/4Runner/FJ Cruiser/GX470 Cab Mount Relocation Brackets

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***Pictures in post of installed mounts are of the 1/8” prototype versions and the pictures should only be used as visual references for clearance improvements. Once a set of the revised version with 1/4” material brackets are installed, the pictures will be updated***

Cab mount relocation brackets for Toyota Tacoma’s and 4Runners. Brackets are CNC laser cut and then formed in-house from USA made 1/4” HRPO plate. The included bolts can also be inverted so just the bolt head is exposed underneath. The included load plates are made from 3/16" P/O USA-made plate and are to be welded to frame rail first, then the bracket welded to the load plate.

Comes as a kit with left and right brackets, interlocking and sleeved polyurethane Energy bushing kit(USA-Made), 2 grade-8 bolts with nylock nuts and washers to replace the 9” long factory bolts and load plates for frame rail.

Once installed, we have found it near-impossible to get a surface protectant on the tops, so we’re offering them in a gloss black powder coat. Simply grind off the coating where they will be welded and then only a small part of the brackets and the frame rails will require paint.


2005+ Toyota Tacoma

2003+ Toyota 4Runner

2007-2014 Toyota FJ-Cruiser

1998+ GX470 / LX470 / GX570 / LX570

2007+ Toyota Tundra

2000+ Toyota Sequoia


***Some models(mid-full size vehicles) may require trimming of the bracket, as the factory mount is shorter in overall length***

**Load plates may or may not need a slight bend put in them to fit the frame rail properly**

**Before cutting factory mounts off, the cab will need to be held up in place, under the pinch welds. If not supported, when the factory cab mounts are removed, the unsupported part of the cab can drop and cause interference issues(IE: previously installed sliders, or lines/wiring ran between frame rail and cab floor). If you have sliders already installed, wood blocks have been inserted between sliders and pinch weld to keep the cab supported when the mount is removed.**

***TACOMA ONLY: Tacoma versions come with an 1/8" thick, round, weld-in filler plate to cover a factory hole in the frame rail that becomes exposed when the factory body mount is removed. The exposed hole is where our body mount bracket is to be located, simply weld the plate in the hole(some grinding may be required) and then grind welds off flush with frame rail before welding on the load plate and cab mount bracket. Thus far, Tacoma's are the only vehicle we've encountered this with.***