Stake Pocket Lashing Winches

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With the great popularity of our stake pocket d-ring mounts came the want for stake mounted lashing winches.   While they’re not a new product to the market, our lashing winches solve a handful of problems where others come up short.

First remedy to current winches on the market is solving the lack of uses on an angle.  While the most common uses of lashing winches is used with flat hooks to run straps straight across the cargo platform.  With not only the ability to use straps with different hooks(bent wire or safety clasp style), the versatility of being able to move the winches from stake pocket to stake pocket, their fixed orientation becomes a hinderance.  Since most lashing winches are usually welded to the bed/trailer/platform, the angle pulls are never an issue.  Our mounts can easily be adjusted by loosening the hardware, netting 30 degrees of angularity in either direction.  

The winch fits 2” wide straps, meets DOT, CHP, WSTDA-T3 and Canadian Standard 905, while providing the user the ability to use both a bar and/or an 1-1/8” wrench/socket to tension the straps.  The winch is fastened to the base with 1/2” hardware and a nylock nut.

The base of the winches utilize the proven design brought over from our stake pocket d-rings. Which is made from USA-made, 1/4” steel, cnc laser cut and formed in house to exacting dimensions, while utilizing a USA-made 1/2” hitch pin.  They are designed to fit both 3” and 4” deep conventional stake pockets(1-1/2” x 3-1/2”).  They also feature a hole for a padlock to be utilized for added security against theft.  This base design used on both the d-ring style and lashing winches, keeps the pulling point as close to the stake pocket as possible.  This in turn, keeps the leverages and racking applied to the stake pocket when under load, to a minimum. 

Have unconventional sized stake pockets or a specific application that these could work on?  Not a problem, feel free to email us with what you have and we’d be happy to make you a custom mount to fit your specific requirements **Pricing may vary depending on size and pin requirements**

The winch frames come in a black powder-coat with a yellow zinc coating on the moving pieces.  The bases are available in 3 colors of powder coat, Gloss Black, NTK Blue and Red.