RZR DIY Slider/Tree Kicker Mount Kit

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For the DIY’ers out there wanting to build their own rock sliders/ tree kickers, this is our mount kit.

2 seater kit includes everything pictured, 2 left and 2 right side brackets, 4 L-bolts and 2 upper support-leg landing tabs with a welded-in location/shear pin.

4 seater kit includes what is pictured, along 1 more of each side bracket and 2 more L-bolts(totaling 3 per side).

These are designed to fit the older XP models, please refer to the picture showing the trapezoidal shape in the rocker to verify if they will fit your machine or not before ordering.

We chose to go with the L-bolt design vs the inferior expanding anchors that are more commonly used. Not only because the L-bolt spreads the load along the inside the frame tube, but the expanding anchors tend to fall apart inside the frame tube, which unless you’re a stellar fisherman, the parts are lost in the black abyss of the frame(you’ll also get to enjoy them vibrating and rattling inside the frame tube).

The brackets are designed, CNC plasma cut and CNC formed in-house out of USA-made 1/8” 1018 steel. They are notched to accept 1-1/2” OD tube and with minor grinding, will accept 1-3/4” OD tube. Could also be notched to accept square/rectangular tubing if you wanted.

There are 2 offerings for offset length, the Short length place the tube center line ~4-1/4” out from the frame mounting surface. The Extended version places the tube center line ~6-1/4” out from the frame mounting surface.

Shipped as raw steel, L-bolts are zinc coated with nylock nuts.