Milwaukee Packout Tumbler Grab Handle Cupholder

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If you have either of the Milwaukee Packout tumblers, we have a cupholder for you!

Our new cup holder mount utilizes a pinch clamp to hold your Packout Tumblers in place, no matter what position your UTV may be in.  Utilizing Milwaukee's clever locking system that is integrated into their tumbler bases, simply set the tumbler into the bracket and turn it  clockwise to lock it in place.  Once twisted into the bracket, they need to be "unscrewed" to come out and can't simply fall out.  It is a very tight tolerance fit, which does require a bit of effort to lock/unlock, however they don't move!

The clamping block is 3D printed from PLA+ and is solid where it's needed to be and 80% infill in other places, honestly, it's stout.  The pinch bolt doesn't require much more than 1/4-1/2 turn once snugged to create the clamping force.  The bracket is fastened to the clamp via 2 stainless button head screws for a clean top side finish.  The pinch bolt head and nut are recessed into the bracket for a clean appearance. The clamp is designed to fit the KRX grab handle, which measures just over 7/8" square.

If the bracket sits too high for you, it is easily flippable to sit on the underside of the grab handle, which lowers the mounting height by 1-1/2".  Simply loosen the pinch bolt, slide it off the grab handle, flip it 180 degrees, slide it back on and tighten the pinch bolt.  the plate doesn't need removed from the clamp block, since the plate accepts the tumblers from either side.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE PINCH BOLT.  It is a snug fit with the bolt loose, only tighten the bolt enough to keep it from moving.  While we warranty all our products, we not warranty a broken clamp from overtightening.

On a KRX, the glovebox still functions perfectly fine with room to spare, whether the bracket is above or below the grab handle.

They are available in both raw steel or powder coated.  Our powder coat process consists of sandblasting, degreasing, then powder.  Color options are currently Black, Blue and Red and will have the Kawasaki Lime Green available soon.

Even though it should be obvious, it still needs stated, TUMBLERS NOT INCLUDED.