Mandrel Bend Cutting Jig

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As simple as the title states!  This jig allows you to hold and/or clamp a mandrel bent exhaust tube bend, set the blade guide to the desired angle you want to cut, tighten the guide's bolt and simply cut the pipe on a bandsaw.

The jig has degree markers every 10 degrees, using the notch in between the markers to allow 5 degree increments.  Although we find it quicker and easier to set the blade guide with an angle finder, some may prefer using the degree markers.

The jig is 3d printed from the same proven super tough PLA+ filament we print everything else with, to provide an extremely durable product with a long service life.  The radius end wall is solid for a 1/2" to account for bandsaw's taking bites once the cut is complete.  The rest of the walls are solid, 1/4" thick, along with surrounding the blade guide's bolt hole to maintain strength and rigidity, while reducing the amount of plastic used in areas that have no requirement to be solid.


This specific version is for 2" OD pipe with a 3" bend radius.


If you're interested in another size or different bend radius, we'd be more than happy to make whatever size you want/need.  Simply email us at with your inquiry.