KRX 1000 Shoulder Harness Mounting brackets

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Want a low profile, easy to install, beefy mount for your KRX shoulder harnesses?  

Ours are CNC plasma cut, welded (and powder coated if you so choose), all in-house from USA Made 3/16" HRPO 1018 steel plate and beefier than anything else out there.  With the seats all the way back, there is still plenty of clearance for the harness tabs and adjustment buckles.  In the pictures, that is our shop KRX, with 1/2" spacers under the front seat mounts(slightly reclining the seat) and there is still plenty of room between the seat back and brackets.  These also clear the Kawasaki plexiglass full rear windshield!

These come as a kit and include all the hardware and spacers needed to install the brackets, while clearing all the factory plastic that's in the way.  All the hardware is Class 10.9(the "metric grade 8") and the stand off spacers are CNC machined aluminum.  These DO NOT INCLUDE the bolts for your harnesses. 

You will need to cut out the marked plastic windows in the rear firewall to gain access to the rear firewall's tapped bosses.  This is done in 5-10 minutes using a sharp utility knife to score the plastic a few times and then pry out the "window".  See pictures for what it will look like after removing the plastic.  Then simply remove the inside rollcage support bolt, set the larger bore spacers over those holes, start the larger included bolts into those holes, but do not tighten.  Then assemble the smaller bore spacers and washers into the lower mounting holes, swing the bracket in and finger tighten the smaller bolts into the rear firewall.  Once all the hardware is snug, tighten them down.

The harness mounting bolt holes are 3/8", so depending on the harnesses you have, you may need to drill them out to 7/16" or 1/2", we make the holes smaller because you want the hardware to fit snug.  We also highly advise using harnesses that BOLT ON, none of that quick disconnect nonsense that seems to be prominent in SXS Land.  There is simply no need for a quick release harness mount, in our eyes that's a failure point(and have seen videos of them failing) and should never be used for a safety device.  We also prefer using the tried and true lever style locking harness latches over the cam lock style, as we've seen cam lock styles fail after getting dirt and mud inside them.

These have a few different surface finish options, either a raw steel finish or powder coated.  Our powder coat colors are Gloss Black, NTK Blue and Red.