Holley Terminator X Mock-Up ECU

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This is a simple and effective way to mock-up and drill the mounting holes for a Holley Terminator ECU, without fear of damaging the expensive brainbox for your engine management system.

The bottom portion of the part has very thick walls so drill bits don't tear the tool up, thus providing a long lifespan.  These are printed from the same super tough PLA+ that we use for all of our production parts, these can be dropped, stepped on, probably even driven over without worry of breaking any sensitive electronics inside.  Cheap insurance in our eyes.

These can be printed in a variety of colors that we keep on hand.  If you have another color choice in mind, feel free to email us and we'll work to get you the color you'd like.

These are made-to-order, our printer runs 24-hours printing various other parts, products and tools, so we have set forth a lead time of 3-5 business days of processing time, from payment to ship date.  Tracking information is automatically sent when labels are printed.