Holley EFI 3.5" Screen Mount

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This small pod allows for an easy, secure and protected mounting option for your Holley EFI 3.5" touchscreen.  This is 3D printed from the same super tough PLA+ we use for all of our production parts and bolts together, sandwiching the screen.  The mounting surface and faceplate have 3mm thick flange thicknesses to make this mount extremely robust to hold up in abusive environments.  The 1/4" bolts utilize a threaded brass insert so they can be removed/installed many times without worry of plastic threads stripping out.  The rear bolt pattern is a well known AMPS bolt pattern (1.2" x 1.5"), that can be utilized with many different mounting arms and bracketry, making mounting possibilities near endless.  The perimeter "visor" greatly reduces glare while protecting the screen from the elements.  While the pod is not waterproof, the whole top of the case is seamless and the slot for the cable is as small as possible to reduce the chance of water, dust and dirt getting inside.  Cheap insurance in our eyes. 

These can be purchased with or without the RAM Mounts single socket arm with round swivel mounting plate or with the RAM Mounts ball adapter plate.  See product photos for reference.  When purchased with the mounts, the hardware is included and installed.

These will normally come in black, however we have many other colors available, feel free to email us if you want a different/custom color.  Colors we regularly stock are black, light blue, dark blue, orange, yellow, Kawasaki Green and red.  No extra charge for color changes, just trying not to clutter the webpage with hundreds of options.


This mount will require disassembly to access the SD card port.  We prefer this completely enclosed main structure to help keep the elements out.  We do however offer a version with an SD card access hole, feel free to email us about it if interested.


These are made-to-order, our printer runs 24-hours printing various other parts, products and tools, so we have set forth a lead time of 3-5 business days of processing time, from payment to ship date.  Tracking information is automatically sent when labels are printed.