Hex head capture washers and tabs

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These weld-on capture washers are meant to hold one end of a nut and bolted fasteners, to allow one-tool tightening.   Whether it’s a location that’s not accessible with a wrench or socket or just for convenience.  CNC plasma cut from USA made A36 steel to fit 5/8” bolt hardware(15/16” hex/wrench/socket size).   Other sizes also available at request

We prefer to use these on the nut side and then mark the tightened bolt head and bracket with a paint marker. That way, at a glance, hardware that has loosened up, can be quickly and easily identified if the paint marks no longer line up.

These will vary in thickness of either 3/16” or 1/4” as they are nested between existing parts on sheets being cut (helping us to minimize waste material as much as possible).  These come off the table and run through a parts tumbler with an anti-rust additive, some weld prep may be required. 

We also offer a bolt-on style capture tab, for those that don’t want a permanent, welded keeper to be used.  Simply drill and tap a hole and bolt the capture tab on.  The bolt-on capture tabs are made from 1/8” USA made A36 steel, with a 1/4” hole for the retaining bolt.  These accept 5/8” hardware(15/16” hex/wrench/socket size).  Other sizes also available at request  

Using a different size hardware than 5/8”?  Shoot us an email and we can cut whatever other size you need(no smaller than 1/2” hardware, or 3/4” hex).

Interested in a bulk order?  Email us for a bulk discount.