Diamond C Stake Pocket D-Ring Mounts

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Have a Diamond C trailer with their oversized trailer stake pockets and want a modular d-ring tie down mount for them?  We have the answer you're looking for!  

These are specifically sized to fit their larger stake pockets that measure 1-1/2" deep, 4-1/2" wide and 3" tall and use a longer pin than our conventional stake pocket tie downs. These larger pockets are found on their HDT and LPX line of trailers, where they utilize bent 3" flat stock welded to the beams flange and web to protrude out as a stake pocket.  There is a large void underneath the beam flange that will make them wobble/rattle more than in a conventional pocket.  However once tensioned, they will  mechanically bind against the stake pocket and the hitch pin in the "pocket".


They are made out of the same, USA-made 1/4” formed steel with forged d-rings as our conventional tie downs. All the plates are cnc plasma cut, formed and welded in-house.


Ring sizes are offered in 3 sizes as follows:

The 1/2” rings that are used have a 4,000lb working load limit and a 12,000lb minimum break strength.

The 5/8” rings that are used have a 6,000lb working load limit and an 18,000lb minimum break strength.

The 3/4” rings that are used have a 9,000lb working load limit and a 26,500 minimum break strength.


An anti-theft option for them has also been asked for, so now all stake pockets from here on out(June 2020), will have a hole on the bottom edge to accept a Masterlock. While we feel the lock isn’t the end all, be all for theft, as cordless grinders are readily available nowadays, it’s simply more of a deterrent than anything. Whether you choose to utilize the hole or not, is totally up to you, but we’d rather see the option be available for you(The locks pictured are a $15/pair from Lowe’s, cheap insurance)


These all come with a 1/2"” hitch pin(and hairpin clip, also both USA made) to retain the mount in the stake pocket.


Thrifty Garage on YouTube did a comparison review of a handful of different stake pocket d-rings. We’ve since started sandblasting before powder coating, to alleviate the chipping of the coating. Here’s his video:



If you're interested in a drop in lashing winch option(cap plates with holes shown in pictures), please refer to our Stake Pocket Lashing Winches page here:




*****It’s up to you the consumer to do your homework and choose the proper ring size for the load you are restraining and your local/state/federal DOT guidelines!! You are using these at your own risk*****