CXA Series Quick Change Tool Holder Storage Blocks

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Tired of the top of your lathe's gearbox being a mess of tools and tool holders?

Here is our storage solution for your CXA series quick change tool holders!

These are 3D printed from PLA+, with solid reinforcement in key areas to allow them to hold up to 25lbs, more than enough to withstand common tooling setups.

With a 2” square footprint and a 15* forward angle, this allows them to be stacked vertically to reduce storage space. The radius and counter bored bolt holes accept 1/4” socket head bolts and have a 3/4” vertical separation.

Blocks are sold individually and if you order 10 or more, they ship for free(enter code "CXA" at checkout to unlock the $10 discount that covers shipping). Each block comes with 2 1/4-20 x 1.25” long stainless socket head bolts and 2 grade 5 nylock nuts. The grade 5 nylock nuts both keeps the bolts from ever vibrating loose and greatly reduces the chances for thread galling(so you won't turn into the Tin Man with the use of anti-seize).

Current color options are Blue, Red, Green or Black

These are made-to-order, our printer runs 24-hours printing various other products, so we have set forth a lead time of 3-10 business days of process time from payment to ship date.  Tracking information is automatically sent when labels are printed

Obviously the tool holders pictured are not included, only the block and hardware is included.

If your interested in a custom perforated panel with the specific vertical hole separation as shown in the pictures, feel free to email us and we can work with you to either make a custom panel, strip or even a weld together multi-sided kit to suit your specific needs.

The caliper holder shown is also available, it will have a separate product page up shortly.  If you have any other items/parts that could benefit from our 3D printing capabilities, feel free to email us with your needs