20 Ton Bottle Jack Digital Readout

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Are you using a 20 ton bottle jack in your shop press style press brake? Do you have trouble achieving accurate repeat bend angles? Here's our simple, yet very accurate solution to allow you to make precise and repeat bends over and over.


This kit takes less than 5 minutes to install on to the bottle jack on your press and allows you to zero out the readout at the precise bend angle you're trying to repeat. Then simply put in the next part and run the punch down until the readout hits zero. While it won't turn your DIY style press brake into a CNC press brake, it will allow you to turn out some very precise repeat bends.  Brackets are 3D printed from PLA+ with 100% infill, through-drilled and hand tapped to ensure proper thread engagement with the hardware.


The kit includes everything needed for the install on your bottle jack, all stainless bolts, pre drilled calipers and an extra battery(calipers have one pre installed as well). This kit is designed around the very commonly used Harbor Freight 20 ton bottle jack, both hand pump and the air/hydro versions.


We've been using one for quite a bit now on our press that is coupled with a SWAG Off Road finger brake and it holds up and performs flawlessly. The top bolt on the caliper can be removed if you're using the press for other things and want to save some wear and tear on the readout when it's not needed.