Bolt-on Stake Pockets

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For those that don’t have a stake pocket available, nor the ability/want to weld to a flat surface where a stake pocket would be useful, this is for you. Previously made these for a through-deck setup and received quite a few inquiries for them. They feature a conventional 1.5” x 3.5” stake pocket, with a 3” wide, 3/16” steel mounting plate and 3/16” x 2” backer strip. The bolt holes accept 5/8” hardware(customer supplied) and are spaced 6-1/4” apart.

Hardware is NOT included.

If going through deck boards, a longer, custom length stake pocket tie down is required(email us about it and we’ll make the tie downs specifically to suit your needs).

Pictured are a set a customer installed on his new trailer. He wanted to avoid welding to the trailer at all, if possible.


They all come powder coated Gloss black and are sold individually.