Super Duty 8x6.5" Lug Drilling fixture

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Want to run conventional 8x6.5” lug pattern wheels on a Super Duty 60 unit bearing? Here’s the solution. This fixture plate has been used to re-drill DOZENS of unit bearings, so why not make them available for everyone! These take the guess work out of re-drilling the unit bearings, allowing you to not pay exorbitant machining fees to simply have 8 holes drilled. The flange material is soft enough that no pilot holes are required(which can lead to bit walking and pattern tolerance to lose accuracy

These are finish-drilled to match the specific size drill bit required(which we can also provide), to reuse the factory Ford metric wheel studs(Dorman 610-424 and 610-455).

If the conventional Dana 60 9/16” wheel stud is desired, Dorman 610-347 will press fit into the same hole, are the same length as the factory metric studs(2.906’’ vs 2.886’’) and can be had for $4.50 through Advance Auto.

Simply knock 4 of the factory studs out(every other), drop the fixture plate onto the unit bearing’s remaining 4 studs(aligned with the notches), clamp tight to flange, drill, deburr and put studs in new holes.

We advise using a drill press or mill to drill out unit bearing to ensure the holes/studs are square to the wheel mounting surface. We also advise that once the whole drill bit tip is submerged past the flange surface(to the point where the bit can no longer walk), removing the fixture plate from the unit bearing, as the sharp flutes can cut/oblong the fixture’s guide holes, making it inaccurate.

Can be purchased with or without the needed drill bit for the proper stud knurl’s press-fit. The bit is a high quality coated HSS bit, not a cheapy.