Lamar Trailer Specific Stake Pocket D-Rings

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Have a Lamar brand trailer?  Does it have unconventionally larger stake pockets?  Then we have the correctly sized stake pocket d-rings for you!


Lamar brand trailers use a proprietary sized stake pocket on their trailers and we've got a stake pocket d-ring to fit it.

Our Lamar brand specific d-ring tie downs are made to fit their stake pockets that measure 4-1/4" wide X 1-3/4" deep X 2-1/2" tall.  PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK AND MEASURE YOUR STAKE POCKETS TO ASSURE PROPER FITMENT, THEY'VE BEEN KNOWN TO USE BOTH THE CONVENTIONAL SIZE AND THE OVERSIZED POCKETS. 

They are also made out of the same, USA-made 1/4” formed steel with forged d-rings as our conventional tie downs. All the plates are cnc plasma cut and formed in-house.


Since they are proprietary to the Lamar brand trailers and are too big to fit conventional stake pockets, we only offer them in the "shorty" size.  (If your pockets match the width and depth and happen to be taller, please email us and we can make you a custom length size if needed).  This size still utilizes the same amount of metal below the pin holes, plus the added depth of these over the conventional sized tie downs, constitute to more metal on the front and back of the pin holes, thus adding strength. 


Ring sizes are offered in 3 sizes as follows:

The 1/2” rings that are used have a 4,000lb working load limit and a 12,000lb minimum break strength.

The 5/8” rings that are used have a 6,000lb working load limit and an 18,000lb minimum break strength.

The 3/4” rings that are used have a 9,000lb working load limit and a 26,500 minimum break strength.


An anti-theft option for them has also been asked for, so now all stake pockets from here on out(June 2020), will have a hole on the bottom edge to accept a Masterlock. While we feel the lock isn’t the end all, be all for theft, as cordless grinders are readily available nowadays, it’s simply more of a deterrent than anything. Whether you choose to utilize the hole or not, is totally up to you, but we’d rather see the option be available for you(The locks pictured are a $15/pair from Lowe’s, cheap insurance)

These all come with a 1/2"” hitch pin(and hairpin clip, also both USA made) to retain the mount in the stake pocket.


Thrifty Garage on YouTube did a comparison review of a handful of different stake pocket d-rings. We’ve since started sandblasting before powder coating, to alleviate the chipping of the coating. Here’s his video:


*****It’s up to you the consumer to do your homework and choose the proper ring size for the load you are restraining and your local/state/federal DOT guidelines!!  You are using these at your own risk*****


Effective 3/12/2020, all tie downs will no longer be painted, but will now be powder coated in-house.

All powder coated orders are bubble wrapped to protect the coating and raw steel rings are shrink wrapped together. Boxes are taped around all 6 sides. Some scratches may be present upon delivery, as USPS is sometimes known to handle with the least amount of care.