About Us

NTK FabWorks isn’t your average metal fabrication company. While many fab shops specialize on niche markets, we choose to specialize in quality and doing the job right, the first time. To us, reputation is everything. We strongly believe in the “quality over quantity” motto and we will NEVER compromise our craftsmanship for the sake of production volume or to simply “get it out the door”. We bring over 15 years of experience to the table from many different aspects of the welding and metal fabrication industry. Backgrounds brought forth are focused in industrial production, heavy equipment repair and fabrication and the performance automotive aftermarket(both on- and off-road). Leveraging these experiences provides a foresight during the planning phases of projects, to not only streamline project execution, but make sure you get exactly what you want/need. That being said, we strive to only use raw materials that are made in the USA.

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